Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 1 x 2 = Week 2 ?

The title says it all about the members of the new program in the Maria A. Schuka library yesterday. The first week was blogged by Yuanling and as said, it was a great success. Thanks to the library, staff, volunteers, and of course, the kids and their parents, it has happened.

I'm happy to have Lucas Sterling, David Sterling and Kostya Golovan, our volunteers for this program. All should not forget Yuanling and Michael who have helped made this program possible. They, along with me, volunteered this week.

During the second week, we had more than doubled our members, including the 2 adults who joined. The tables were filled with people playing chess in the first 10 minutes and by the near the end of the hour, parents with their children(about 5) were learning how to play chess. The place seemed to be filled and all were waiting for the mini-tournaments to begin. Before we did so, certificates were given to the winners of the previous tournaments which was received happily by the kids and everyone in the room. Soon, the mini-tournament began. Kids played non-stop and somewhat fast. Some even led to quick wins! Sign of talent and motivation. Interestingly, we had tiebreaks and used hand count since we didn't have clocks. Pressure was everywhere during those games and because of this, they shook hands and drew. Some won the section outright and some drew but no one lost! Everyone had a good experience and wanted to come back. Seems to me the numbers of members will be increasing, possibly even triple the number of members last week.

I thank all those who supported this program and hope this would continue in Maria A. Schuka library. Thank you all very much! :)

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