Saturday, August 15, 2009

First Blog, First Post, and a First Game

Hello to all! I'm Jan Edmund and this is my blog (finally I have one). I would be focusing for the moment my chess and my life currently in Toronto due to family needs. As for the game, I can't do it right now but I should be able to annotate it. Oh yeah! This game is from the CYCC...supposedly my best game in the CYCC but it was not my time although not because of poker (won some money from lucksac). It was against Rakov Pavel and it was as usual my Bb5 Sicilian with my one and only Qa4! Stay tuned for upcoming posts as I will be posting my schedule (2009 Toronto Labour Day will be my second tournament here), games with annotations(Lazo-Pavel for starters...) and other stuff. Thanks for reading. :)