Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving Open

Sorry all! I wasn't able to blog probably because of my disappointing result in the tournament. To save your time, I'll just briefly say it. I got 0.5/4 with two byes cause my parents made me celebrate thanksgiving the whole day during Sunday. I played against two masters, calugar and moffat, two class A players, Aaron and Kevin Wu. I lost against the masters and Aaron but gave a draw against kevin in a winning opposite colored bishop position with major pieces. How? Perpetual. All three except my game against Aaron are worth annotating. If I have time, then I'll annotate my game against Aaron. I'd probably annotate my only really good game against Kevin this week and post it this week as well. School is okay for me so I should have enough time to do it. I'll try looking for tournaments I can join after I do my volunteer work in the library. I'm starting my volunteer work promoting chess in the Maria A. Schucka library every Sat. That's all I have for now so check it often for updates.

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