Monday, September 7, 2009

Round 5 and 6 and the Summary

Round 5

I played white against Frilles rated about 2140 I think. I was able to play my Bb5 Siclian but he played Nd4. I took and castled when I should play c3. I played it as if I had some sort of kingside attack and then tried to play c3 but was going to lose pawn but instead lost the exchange. He gave it back but he had the two bishops and my position was shaky. I tried to advance my pawns and find a way to exchange queens to have some chance in the endgame but instead almost got mated since I resigned. He was good and funny when we were playing. I guess I need more theory.

Round 6
I had black against Tyler Longo (1991). We had a symmetrical position since we played my Queen Indian set-up with a queen indian set-up as well! He was able to establish a knight on e5 and was forced to find ways to remove or trade it in my favour. I had to close position and had a stonewall pawn centre (d5, e6, f5). I took his knight and weaken his pawn structure and made it more inflexible. I soon played Bg5 just like in a Sveshnikov to make my dark-squared bishop more active. I doubled up on the f-file before he did and played Qe7 so that every move he makes has a counter. Since his position is more natural in a way and had his pieces centralized with me not having any attack yet, he decided to place his rook on g3. This allowed me to play f4 and get the better position since every move he makes will the pawn and/or open the position for my "indian" bishop. He thought for about half an hour and decided that if his rook went to h3 or f3, he will lose a pawn and if he ever gets in back, his pieces will be misplaced which would more likely give me the win. So, he sac the exchange and sac his bishop for two pawns and had a strong attack. He missed R4d7! which safeguards my king without little or no any material. He soon resigned after commenting on my scoresheet which he said what I was doing was illegal. I don't know if it is but that would just too cheap if it worked and can't be boasted as win.

I have 3.5 out of 6. I won thrice, lost twice, and drawn once. I can say it is a learning experience and my performance is at least about 2050 I think since I didn't lose to anyone lower than me. My games have shown me I'm don't know enough theory and a lot of players play d4 and know the nimzo and queen indian defenses. If I have to rely on my endgame skill to win, then it might not be enough. Well, that's that for now. I'll be annotating all of my games to learn more where I went wrong and where I was right. For now, I have to sleep.

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